Multi Gym – MP2 ( True Fitness / USA)

Rs 850,000.00

• The MP 2.0 includes 2 weight stacks and 3 workout stations.

Leg Extension / Leg Curl
4 starting positions for both extensions and curls allow users to choose the range of motion best suited to their individual needs.
5 position back pad and leg curl thigh pad accommodate a wide range of users.
Self-adjusting ankle pad eliminates need for adjustment while providing proper support throughout entire range of motion.

Upper Body
Exercise choices include Chest, Incline, & Shoulder Presses; Lat Pulldown and Seated Row; Triceps Pushdown & Extension; and Abdominal Crunch.
8 position press arm and adjustable back pad are color coded for quick and accurate adjustment.
5 position seat to accommodate wide range of users.
Mid-level pulley includes contoured multi-purpose strap for Abdominal and Triceps exercises.

Low Swivel Pulley
Ideal for wide range of exercises including Biceps Curl, Upright Rows, Inner Thigh, and Outer Thigh.

Frame : 10 Years (Coatings Excluded)

Cables, Pulley & Labour – 1 Year

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