One of the most important things when shopping for a cross trainer equipment is being able to weigh between the strengths and weaknesses of the equipment you are interested in buying. At eser fitness, making this kind of comparison just got one step easier considering the equipments up for sale have been sorted out into two categories that is the ones best suited for commercial use and those which are best suited for personal use.

It is however important to note that these fitness equipment however share certain features in common, for instance, both designs serve as a guarantee for thorough body workout ensuring there is complete upper and lower body movement. In addition to the above, besides the workout programs, you can also include: personalized workouts, race mode and even goal workouts to compliment your workout routine. Lastly, these equipments also have heart rate monitors which come together with wireless straps as well.

As far as the strengths of the equipments go, expect them to be worthy of health club grade. The equipments are also completely silent; you don’t have to worry about having to hide them in the basement for fear of them making noises anytime you are working out. The equipments at eser fitness are fitted with various programming options meaning you would not have to worry about boredom while using the equipment during your workout. In addition to all of the above, the oversize pedals guarantee comfort while using the equipment, this of course is regardless of how big or small your feet might be.

The only drawback to the equipment perhaps is the fact that they are not mobile also because they might be a bit pricey especially the ones with advanced workout features.