If you are looking forward to start exercising at home then it goes without say that you would need weights, bars and dumbbells. That said, knowing the right place to shop for these equipment is very important since if you get the right place to shop from you stand a better chance of saving huge on price as well as time making comparisons and going through customer reviews. Lucky for you, you won’t have to worry about searching for a suitable place to shop from since eser fitness has taken the initiative to sort out a variety of weights, bars and dumbbells just for you.

As a matter of fact, thanks to eser fitness, right now with only a minor outlay expect to be able to shop for weights, bars and even dumbbells all of which you will be able to make use of anywhere around the house or even outdoors and still enjoy a full through body workout.

In case this is your first time shopping around for weights, bars and dumbbells, then you should know that they are available in various designs and forms. For instance, there are some dumbbells which have short bars and static weights on each end. In fact, many of the dumbbells which are commonly available are usually molded into one piece from plastic foam. Alternative dumbbells which are also very common include discs of different weights which you can take off and even be able to add on at will in the course of your workout routine.

In case you are a beginner then it is strongly advised that you settle for the small sets. For dumbbells the small set that is between 2 -3 kgs should be able to serve you just fine. The best thing to do however would be to get the complete set meaning you will be free to adjust your workout routine as your proceed.