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“Fitness is an Art, Which should come from Soul”

Harindra Eladetta

Welcome to Eser Fitness Sri Lanka

Eser Marketing pioneered the concept of indoor exercise with our introduction of high quality, prudently and carefully selected gym equipment sri lanka sourced from reputed manufacturers, from around the world. Our well-stocked showrooms at strategic locations with high quality gym equipment for sale bear testimony to our quest to bring an easily accessible exercise regime to our compatriots. The idea of employing exercise equipment and toning your body is not a new concept though it is a popular one now. Our soldiers in ancient Sri Lanka did use different contraptions, which helped them to tone their bodies, to optimum physical fitness. Ancient records show that they were some of the best soldiers and their fitness levels were very high. Hence employing exercise equipment and staying indoors would give you the advantage of toning your body in any weather condition.

To protect yourself from rain or sunshine, strong winds and sandstorms especially being enveloped by a polluted environment, staying within four walls and exercising would be the best option that you have. It was these predicaments experienced by prospective exercise buffs which prompted eser marketing to go one step forward and bring you the concept of eser fitness.

Eser Fitness to the fore
Professionals in Myology which is the study of muscles in the human body, recommend that every sinew or muscle in our body needs to be exercised as often as possible. There are about one thousand or more singular muscles in the human body and some of them exercise even when were speak, eat or move. Apart from such regular exercise it is imperative that all the muscles in the human body are constantly exercised to ensure you live a healthy and robust lifestyle. If any muscle remains in hibernation and is not adequately exercised that particular muscle could cause you unexpected health issues.
Our professionals with years of experience at Eser Fitness who have been advising our customers in their exercise regimes, could help you to formulate the best set of exercises to ensure every dormant muscle in your body is stretched and pulled effectively. Towards that predictable end we have some of the best gym equipment sri lanka and offer these to you are very competitive and affordable prices. Our extensive range of exercise equipment stretches from simple dumbbells sri lanka to a pull up bar sri lanka through to more sophisticated and comprehensive cross trainers. As an example we could match any of our competitors on our extensive range and weight plate prices’ in sri lanka.
Exercise equipment par excellence
We at Eser Marketing with advice from our professionals at Eser Fitness spend quality time to discuss and arrive at the right decision before we would order the best exercise equipment for you. We don’t cut corners because we have been in the business of providing quality eser fitness equipment for many years to a satisfied clientele in Sri Lanka. We have backed our commitment to quality by ensuring we deliver the best equipment to you at all times. Our statutory warrantees ensure that you have no hassles and could spend optimum time on our exercise machines without any interruptions. Time is the essence in our very busy lives and we at eser fitness would ensure that you spend optimum time on the machines when in use.
Our Treadmills sri lanka and cross trainers sri lanka are state of the art and would deliver quality service to you and it is an enviable boast that you would get optimum time on both. Get your workout effectively and on time which you can spend and see the difference of how it would help you and ensure you keep fit and healthy at all times. Our professionals are at your beck and call if you need any help and they would be willing and gratified to help through any issues. It is imperative that you get professional advice because these machines need to be used carefully. Eser Fitness is a professional entity and we would always uphold our professionalism coupled with our integrity, honesty and transparency in everything we do.
We are in the forefront
Taking into consideration our responsibility towards the health of our nation and the quest to ensure we are in the forefront when it is exercises that are under review, eser fitness is the guiding light for you. Once you are on one of our Treadmills your body would synchronize with every step you take and that too at whatever speed you would like. This would be the same if you are exercising on one of our exercise bikes too. Our vision to be the best has not been compromised at any time and we have some of the best exercise bikes sri lanka to offer you. If you are apprehensive of the prevailing prices for exercise bikes then you should check up with eser fitness because we offer very competitive exercise bikes price sri lanka.
You may wonder what dumbbell sri lanka can offer you but if you start with the right weight and work yourself up you would realize what a difference it would make for your arms, especially the biceps. We have carefully sourced our manufacturers and bring you the best dumbbell price in sri lanka which cannot be matched by any of our competitors if there are any. Build your biceps to give you a very smart and athletic physique which would also bring a spring in your stride and a confident demeanor.
If you are one of those ardent workout buffs then you should push yourself on our squat rack sri lanka and bring the sweat out and tone your body to a well-proportioned one. If you want the best athletic body among your friends, peers and relatives then you should be looking at what we at Eser Fitness has to offer. Our professionals would expertly guide you through a careful exercise regime and ensure you have the best toned body and even be the talk among your clan. We can tailor make an exercise regime to suit your physique, available time and also to blend with your other commitments. Speak to our professional team at Eser Fitness and carve out an exercise machine and slot just for your convenience.

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