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Ab Wheel – AB 805

Rs 1,500.00
Rs 2,200.00
Rs 2,900.00
Rs 750.00


Boxing Gloves

Rs 2,700.00
Rs 1,750.00
Rs 19,000.00
Rs 2,500.00


Tooth Guard

Rs 550.00



Rs 17,000.00


Weighted Bags

Rs 7,900.00


Yoga Brick 4x6x9″

Rs 500.00

Busy schedules are to blame for very poor gym attendance and failure to adhere to strick workout routines. Most people have openly admitted that they are not able to afford shuttling 30 mins to and from their homes twice daily to and from the gym. As a result of this there has been a great surge in the setting up of home gyms in a bid to help stay fit. Good news is you can now shop for the gym equipment and other accessories taking into consideration your personal needs and be able to make the most of your workout sessions.

Speaking of making the most of your workout sessions, most people are under the impression that any form of physical exercise is enough to yield results. This however is not true. This is because the results you get from your workout might be easily hampered by the use of inappropriate gym accessories particularly when it comes to leg workouts. When lifting weights for instance it is strongly advised that you make use of weight lifting gloves. These are usually designed to help prevent the skin from callusing as a result of the repeated lifting action. In fact, there are certain gyms which allow for the use of sweat absorbing chalk.