Back Extension U3045

Rs. 123,000.00

U3045 – The Evost Series Back Extension is durable and easy-to-use which provides an excellent solution for free weight back training. The adjustable hip pads are suitable for users of different sizes. The non-slip foot platform with limit provides a more comfortable standing, and the angled plane helps the user to activate the back muscles more effectively.

Adjustable Hip Pads
● Power-assisted adjustment device makes it easier to adjust. With the correct ergonomic positioning of the hip pad ensures efficient training and comfort.

Open Design
● Exercisers can easily enter and exit the Back Extension with the ergonomic handle, and the open design allows for a clear training path.

Foot Platform with Limit
● Large non-slip foot platform with limit offers the exercisers an ample range of standing while the limiter ensures safety.

Evost Series, as a classic style of DHZ, after repeated scrutiny and polishing, appeared in front of the public which offers a complete functional package and is easy to maintain. For exercisers, the scientific trajectory and stable architecture of the Evost Series ensure a complete training experience and performance; For buyers, affordable prices and stable quality have laid a solid foundation for the best-selling of Evost Series.

Frame – 10 years (Coating excluded)
Parts & Labour – 1 year

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