Functional Smith Machine E6247

Rs. 798,000.00

E6247 – The DHZ Functional Smith Machine features the most popular training types in one. The best strength training solution for limited space. It has pull up/chin up bars, spotter arms, j hooks for squat and barbell rest, an outstanding cable system and probably 100 other features. The stable and reliable smith system provides fixed rails to help exercisers get lower while stabilizing training positions starting weight. Support single or multi-person training at the same time.

● E6247 focused on powerful functionality, which is an outstanding comprehensive strength training device that allows for a full body workout. Both beginners and experienced trainers can have a great training experience on this device.

The Smith Bar System
● Provides a low starting weight to simulate a more realistic weightlifting experience. The fixed track can help beginners to better stabilize the body and can stop and quit training at any time. For experienced exercisers, it can be combined with an Adjustable Bench to provide more and safer free weight training.

Small but Complete
● It is specially designed for training environments with limited space to ensure the maximum retention of popular strength training types, and they are reasonably integrated into one equipment, which is an ideal equipment choice for small spaces.

Frame – 10 years (Coating excluded)
Parts & Labour – 1 year

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