Multi Gym – G 3

Rs. 759,000.00

Main frame size: 50×100×2.5mm/50x100x2.0mm

Weight stack: 75kgs(16pcs) x 2 groups cement

Assembly Size (L.W.H)2260×1620×2160mm

High density upholstered seat & back cushion and aluminum alloy pulley

High intensity navigating durable wire steel with 6mm diameter


Leg Extension/Leg Curl

  • Four starting positions for both extensions and curls allow users to choose the range of motion best suited to their individual needs.
  • 5-position back pad and leg curl thigh pad accommodate a equally wide range of users.
  • Self-adjusting ankle pad certainly eliminates the need for adjustment and while providing proper support throughout entire range of motion.

Upper Body

  • provides exercise choices including chest, incline, and shoulder presses; lat pulldown and seated row; triceps pushdown and extension; and abdominal crunch
  • 8-position press arm and adjustable back pad are color coded for quick and accurate adjustment
  • 5-position seat to accommodate wider range of users
  • Mid-level pulley includes contoured multi-purpose strap for abdominal and triceps exercises

Low Swivel Pulley

  • Ideal for wide range of exercises including bicep curls, upright rows, inner thigh, and outer thigh.

Adjustable Cable Column

  • Dual pulleys pivot freely allowing user defined movements
  • Unilateral cable design accommodates both fitness and athletic style movements with up to 12″ / 31 cm of cable travel with one arm and 6′ / 183 cm of cable travel with both arms.



Frame – 10 years ( coating excluded)

Parts – 1 year

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