Seated Calf U3062

Rs. 142,000.00

U3062 – The Evost Series Seated Calf allows the user to activate the calf muscle groups rationally using body weight and additional weight plates. Easily adjustable thigh pads support users of different sizes, and the seated design removes spinal pressure for a more comfortable and effective training. The start-stop catch lever ensures safety when starting and ending training.

Easy to Use
● The locking lever is automatically released when the exerciser starts training, and only needs to reset the locking lever after the training to easily exit the equipment without sudden dropping of the weight.

Ergonomic Design
● Different from the standing calf training, the calf-raised sitting position design eliminates the pressure on the spine, making training more comfortable and effective.

Angled Weight Horn
● Angled weight horn allow for easier loading and unloading of weight plates, enhancing the total training experience.

Evost Series, as a classic style of DHZ, after repeated scrutiny and polishing, appeared in front of the public which offers a complete functional package and is easy to maintain. For exercisers, the scientific trajectory and stable architecture of the Evost Series ensure a complete training experience and performance; For buyers, affordable prices and stable quality have laid a solid foundation for the best-selling of Evost Series.

Frame – 10 years (Coating excluded)
Parts & Labour – 1 year

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