Pull Down Y920Z

Rs. 332,000.00

Y920Z – The Discovery-R Series Pull Down provides a natural arc of motion and greater range, allowing users to effectively train the lats and biceps. The independently moving arms ensure balanced strength increase and allow for separate training. Excellent motion path design makes training smooth and comfortable.

More Balanced
● The independent movement of the arms provides more balanced muscle training and allows the exerciser to perform unilateral training.

Excellent Trajectory
● Upward converging motion trajectory provides a natural arc of motion along with a greater range of motion. Additionally, the plane of movement in front of the shoulders is more comfortable and safer.

Nice Grip
● The excellent handgrip design helps distribute the load evenly, making the push-pull movement more comfortable and effective. The surface texture of the handgrip both improves grip, preventing lateral sliding, and marks the correct hand position.

The Discovery-R Series is available in a new colorway, which in combination with the rounded arms offer users more options for the plate loaded equipment. Inheriting the excellent biomechanics of the Discovery Series and many ergonomically optimized details, the natural arc of motion provides the feeling of free weight. High-quality equipment and affordable prices have always been what DHZ Fitness strives for.

Frame – 10 years (Coating excluded)
Parts & Labour – 1 year

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