Incline Level Row U3061

Rs. 167,000.00

U3061 – The Evost Series Incline Level Row uses the angled plane to focus more load to the back, effectively activate the back muscles, and the chest pad ensures stable and comfortable support. The dual-foot platform allows users of different sizes to be in the correct training position, and the dual-grip motion arm provides multiple possibilities for back training

Dual Foot Platform
● Two platform steps allows to place exercisers of different sizes in the optimal position, effectively working the major muscles of the upper back.

Chest Pad
● The chest pad provides stable and comfortable support, and the more direct load transfer allows exercisers to stimulate the back muscles more effectively.

Dual-grip Motion Arm
● Dual-grip positions provide more varied back muscle training, and free-moving motion arm provide the similar experience as free weights.

Evost Series, as a classic style of DHZ, after repeated scrutiny and polishing, appeared in front of the public which offers a complete functional package and is easy to maintain. For exercisers, the scientific trajectory and stable architecture of the Evost Series ensure a complete training experience and performance; For buyers, affordable prices and stable quality have laid a solid foundation for the best-selling of Evost Series.

Frame – 10 years (Coating excluded)
Parts & Labour – 1 year

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