Angled Leg Press Linear Bearing U3056S

Rs. 535,000.00

U3056S – The Evost Series Angled Leg Press heavy duty commercial linear bearings for smooth motion and durable. The 45-degree angle and two starting positions simulate an optimal leg-pressure movement, but with spinal pressure removed. The ergonomically optimized seat design provides accurate body positioning and support, the four weight horns on the footplate allow users to easily load the weight plates.

Easy Adjustments
● The adjustable backrest allows the exercisers to choose the best support position, and the dual rotating carriage stop handles both help exercisers stabilize the upper body and allow exercisers to choose a suitable starting position freely.

Angled Foot Platform
● The oversized, non-slip foot platform provides ample space for different foot positions and ensure full contact during training.

Smooth and Durable
● Heavy-duty commercial linear bearings have higher smoothness and durable quality, improving the comfort and safety of exercisers during training.

Evost Series, as a classic style of DHZ, after repeated scrutiny and polishing, appeared in front of the public which offers a complete functional package and is easy to maintain. For exercisers, the scientific trajectory and stable architecture of the Evost Series ensure a complete training experience and performance; For buyers, affordable prices and stable quality have laid a solid foundation for the best-selling of Evost Series.

Frame – 10 years (Coating excluded)
Parts & Labour – 1 year

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